Climate Change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at that defining moment


At Sterling, we're dedicated to creating a future rooted in environmental consciousness. Our mission is clear – to provide unique solutions that not only enhance your business but also contribute to a positive environmental legacy. Our commitment to sustainable innovation drives us, ensuring that every step we take is measured with careful consideration for our environmental footprint

We are determined to tackle global warming and its effects on climate change. Significantly reducing our energy consumption is a crucial way to make an impact. Our latest investment in cutting-edge press technology has allowed us to do exactly that.

More for less

We are setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. Through our pioneering new web press (the first of its kind anywhere in the world), we can now produce two to three times our previous output, whilst cutting our energy usage in half.

For the same amount of energy we used previously, we can now print twice the quantity!


We are strategically situated in the heart of the UK’s ‘Golden Triangle’ trunk road network, our location offers unparalleled access to the country’s premier distribution network.

With its exceptional connectivity to national roads and motorways, we can reach approximately 90% of the population within four hours. Our Midlands location not only reduces journey times, but it also allows us to minimise your carbon footprint too.

We can reach approximately 90% of the UK population within 4 hours


We have switched to 100% renewable energy made up from wind, solar, & tidal sources only, giving an effective zero emissions production process


All of our paper is from FSC Chain of Custody Certified

All of our paper from sustainably sourced mills with ISO14001 and FSC certification

We have moved our main grade of paper to one of the most environmentally friendly mills in Europe reducing our CO2e by more than 80%

Within the next 10 years, we are aiming to source all of our paper from net zero mills


All waste is segregated into streams and recycled according to waste product type

Paper waste is processed and recycled by type i.e. white paper, inked paper, and confidential waste. It is then baled for collection and recycling

No waste goes to landfill

In 2023, we recycled over 1,545 tonnes of paper, 43 tonnes of metal and 17 tonnes of chemicals


ISO 9001 - Quality

ISO 14001 - Environmental

ISO 27001 - Information Security

ISO 45001 - Operational Health & Safety